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5 Tips for Choosing an Online Casino

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Choosing the perfect betting site may be a difficult process. From the games, to the payments, there’s so much to think about.

That’s why we’ve collected our 5 best tips for you.

In this article, we at CasinosRanks will guide you through the 5 most important steps in choosing an online casino.

We highly encourage you to ask yourself the questions in each section and go through the most necessary points first.

Tip №1: Read the Website’s T&C First

First and foremost, reading the T&C of any site is a MUST! You definitely don’t want to win that sweet sweet Jackpot, only to find out later that it was forbidden to place bets higher than 5 EUR.

That’s why we advise you to read all General and Bonus Terms and Conditions prior to registering.

Forget about free spins and think of the T&C as the first point to like in a betting site.

For you, we have created a list of the most important parts to carefully read through:

  • Which are the restricted countries?
  • Are there any game or market restrictions?
  • Are some of the games/odds/markets restricted for bonus wagering?
  • Is there a maximum bet for playing?
  • How long does the withdrawal process take?

Tip №2: Choose a Reputable Online Casino

When it comes to choosing a reputable online casino, we think there are 2 important questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the operating license good?
  • Does the casino bother to reply to negative comments and complaints at all?
  1. The license is definitely something you should check before signing up. For good licensing operators the player always comes first!
    Here are some of the best licenses in the gambling industry:
    -Any local license
    -Curacao Gaming License
    -Gibraltar Gambling License

2. How does the casino reply to negative comments and complaints is essential. There is really nothing as important as good service, be it in the form of resolved complaints, or just an apology for a bad experience you had.

With so many reviewing websites, it’s not hard to go and see what the players say and how the casinos reply. This should be your marker for a truly credible and professional betting site.

Tip №3: Check Your Country Regulations

You’ve read the Terms and Conditions. And now what?

Your country is not in the list of the restricted territories so you decide to sign up and start playing.

Hold up! We’d suggest you first check your own country’s regulations in terms of online betting.

  • Is playing at online casinos allowed in my country?
  • Are there any other restrictions in terms of online gambling in the place I live?

You find out your country prohibits online gambling and decide to use VPN?

Bad idea…

You will get caught in the KYC process when you have to present your documents. It’s always best not to breach any laws.

Tip №4: Make Sure The Customer Service is Good

The last thing you want is rude and incompetent support.

Our advice here would be to try the chat before registering and see the level of professionalism and the attitude of the agents.

Another great way to check is to make a research on the internet. Go to reviewing websites and see the customers’ comments. The less negative comments, the better!

Here are also some questions to ask yourself to make sure the customer service is good:

  • Are the agents kind and do they show understanding?
  • Is there a 24/7 customer support?
  • Is there support in a language I feel comfortable with?
  • Do the agents reply fast (in less than a day)?

Tip №5: Gamble Responsibly

Last but not least, know your limits! There are multiple options for you if you feel like you’re loosing control.

For example:

  • Check the betting site’s limit options. (Do they have the option to set deposit or withdrawal limits? Do they offer manual flushing?) *More about manual flushing here
  • Take the necessary precautions: Be it to ask for help or simply request account closure.


5 tips casino

Choosing an online casino to play at is a difficult task. With so many choices nowadays it’s hard to focus on what’s important.

We hope that with our 5 easy tips you’d be able to find what you’re looking for right away!

In the end, it’s not all about the games, but about the fairness and credibility of the betting site too.

And remember to always pay attention to how you gamble. If it stops being fun and starts affecting your well-being, maybe it’s time to take a break.

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